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It will always be possible to make a profit mowing lawns, but the level of profit needs to be considered. By and large overheads are low and so many people have gardens and are either not able to or not bothered about mowing them, that there will always be work for you. As long as you have a mower and a way to get it from A to B you should be able to set up and build up a business. Don’t be afraid to make a loss to carry out a job for a short time, as there is the chance to do one job in a neighbourhood, then contact neighbours to see if they would like your services as well.

Starting Up
As mentioned there will be little outlay needed to get the business up and running. If transport is an issue, then there are still 2 options. One will be to carry out work close to home so it is easy to get the mower there, or if you know the neighbours, use theirs. Secondly, ask a client further away if you can use their shed or garage for storage. Most would agree to a mower, trimmer and maybe a blower being there. Anyone who thinks there has to be a state of the art sits on mower would be mistaken and while that is something to aspire to, it won’t be necessary until you are well established and mowing massive lawns.

Even with advertising it does not have to be too expensive as there are a lot of ways to get your name and business out there without a lot of expense. Some papers don’t charge a lot for an advert and some may even put them in for free. When you have done a job in an area, if you have a bit of spare time, drop flyers through letter boxes, or if people are in, knock and introduce yourself. Often that will make a better impression. If you don’t have time, there are other ways. Some papers will agree to flyers being inserted in their copy and this way someone else will deliver. Finally, a satisfied customer may offer to help, or agree if there is a little incentive for them. Even the flyers can be basic to begin with and if you have the ability, print them off at home to save costs.

Aim Low – It Can Pay Off
The main reason some people are not able to make money when it comes to mowing lawns, is because they want the biggest and best jobs right away. Often you will make the most money by taking the jobs that others think they are too big to take. It might not bring in a lot but it is a foot in the door in the area. You could even take a job that costs you more to do than you make due to traveling, but again you have a foot in the door in the area. In some cases, there will be bigger companies who will tell you about jobs they do not want. They may be doing them out of a sense of guilt or obligation, but having someone to take them off their hands works well all round. If it does not work out that you pick up a lot of extra jobs in the area, you can always pass them on to the next young kid on the block.

Do a Good Job
It may seem pointless saying this, but it is a good way to make money mowing lawns. The better you are the more likely it is that there will be personal recommendations and word of mouth is a great way to build up a business. Once the business has started to grow it will just seem to keep getting bigger – as long as you can keep up the standard of work.

Timing is Everything
If you want to get the business off to a good start, then you need to make your visits when there is going to be the highest demand. This is going to be the spring, and even once the worst of the work has been done and the lawn is in a good condition for the summer, you will be able to make money as the residents will want it to stay that way.


Hard work is the main way that you will make money mowing lawns. By doing a good job, and being prepared to work were others may not will get you a good reputation and the chance of a lot of business. Just remember that the new equipment can come once the business is well established.

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There are so many types of lawn mowers. But why would you choose a manual lawn mower when there are modern mowers?  Antique never really goes out of fashion. People get excited when new technologically advanced items are released. After testing their items they realize that their older versions were indeed better. The same is the case with lawn mowers.  There are newer models with advanced features and come in all sizes and colors. Some use electricity and others use gas. But there are people who just can’t get enough of their older reel mowers that run manually. Once you buy your buy your manual mower, there will be no more spending unless on maintenance. Besides being cheap to buy and maintain, the manual mower is pollution free and easy to find.

Important facts to remember when buying

A manual mower is the oldest mowing machine you can find now. It is the kind that was used in the first-half of the twentieth century, but with some modern features.  These machines do not emit gasses and they make a very little noise. As they are pushed manually, manual mowers lack complicated mechanics. So they do not damage their components that easily. In any case manual lawn mowers are the easiest and cheapest to maintain.

One of the most attractive things about these machines is that they can be bought at a fraction of the cost of an electric mower. If you do not mind pushing a mower, by all means order a manual lawn mower today. This is not recommended for people with mobility problems or the elderly, though, because they do cut grass without being pushed. If you are not ready to put on physical effort, let these ones be.

If there is more than one inch of turf to be cut, the manual reel mower will need to be pushed harder.  And there is more to their negatives. Manual mowers do not trim close to obstacles like trees and flowerbeds. You would have to finish up the trimming job around obstacles by hand. Are you ready for more manual work? If so, get a manual mower as it is affordable than any other mower and can help you shed some weight.

By the time you finish mowing a large plot of land you are going to burn some calories. That’s for sure. Reel mowers are very good when it comes to safety. Unlike the gas mower that kicks up some rocks, and other objects, this one is very calm. How fast or how slow it cuts grass is determined by you. But you have no much control when you are using a powerful self-propelled gas mower with a vibrant engine. With your manual you won’t have to worry about your kid or pet getting kicked, or even yourself.

A manual lawn mower can be bought for any plot of land; large or small. But if you have a larger plot, you would be best buying a more powerful and modern mower that will do most of the work for you. Pushing a mower until you finish mowing a relatively big yard is not going to be easy. A gas mower might be a better choice or a battery-run electric mower.

When buying your reel mower, consider the most important components, such as the cutting blades and wheels. You need a mower that can roll easily when you push it. Additionally, you want it to cut grass effortlessly to save your energy for the rest of the work. This thing has no start button like its gas and electric counterparts. Just get it out of the garden shed and start mowing. Ensure that it is lightweight and you can tell that just by reading other customers’ reviews. To get the best manual reel mower, shop from the top brands.


Manual lawn mowers are great products if you are ready to sweat. They must be pushed in order to cut grass, as we have indicated above. If you hate noise and gassy pollutants, you are looking at the best product ever. Again, if you want your kids to be safer when you are mowing, this is the right mower for you. Order it too if you have a limited budget and you want to personally mow your lawn.

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